Real Information About Pepcid AC And Asian Flush

The question of whether or not pepcid ac prevents Asian flush is still very much up to interpretation to the individual. There have been many posts on the internet by forum goers saying that it is the miracle cure. There are just as many saying that it had little effect on their Asian flush.

Why is this? Whether or not pepcid as prevents Asian flush may depend on a few factors. First you have to know that it was not designed to cure your Asian flush. It is an antihistamine which contains H2 blockers, and was of course, designed to stop acid stomach. The added effect of curing Asian flush was accidentally discovered, probably by some guy who had acid stomach on the way to the bar.

The H2 blockers in Pepcid ac cause the alcohol you drink to be broken down more slowly, thus allow you to break it down properly. For those who are unfamiliar with the reason Asian flush occurs, it is because of the lack on an enzyme which is responsible for proper metabolism of alcohol. So by taking pepcid ac you are able to convert the poison byproducts of alcohol correctly, and thus have prevented Asian flush.

However, factors like age, weight, sex, tolerance, food intake and alcohol intake all come into play when you’re talking about pepcid ac preventing Asian flush. For example, a 21 year old six foot man who just at a loaf of bread and two steaks will react differently that a 40 year old five foot woman who hasn’t eaten in six hours. That’s just the facts of life.

Many have reported stellar results for drinking small amounts of alcohol and pepcid ac preventing Asian flush. One or two servings and one pill seems to be enough. But there have been post by hardcore party-ers who say that they have to take four extra-strength tabs of pepcid over the course of the night to maintain the Asian flush curative effects. This seems a bit excessive as pepcid ac’s acid stomach curing effects last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, so it seems that the acid flush preventing effects should last a similar amount of time.

Other antacids such as Zantac have also been mentioned but the acid reducing strength of the active ingredient in Pepcid ac is the strongest of all antacids, and is therefore the brand of choice to cure Asian flush. Still for others, there are two or three lesser known brands on the market that have similar results – depending on the individual. Still others use the No Red Face Formula

There are also other options to cure or prevent the symptoms of this condition. Continue reading about the reasons, history, science of, stories, and possible ways to prevent Asian Flush

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