Applying Natural Vitamin E Oil For Nappy Rash: Ways To Help Your Newborn

If your child has red and very irritated skin it is likely due to diaper rash. Many parents think that applying natural vitamin E oil for nappy rash is the only way to cure the problem but there are many more. Here are some additional tips to try and ease the pain of your infant.

You should first check for irritated skin on the bottom of your child. Diaper rash is really just dry skin that can be very painful, something like having chapped lips. If you wait too long to tackle the problem, things can get worse and even lead to blistering. For this reason you should always be looking for subtle changes in the behavior of your child to ensure you are paying attention to the potential symptoms.

If your baby is not comfortable, the irritation will be even more painful, so you should make sure your child is in a comfortable position. You can also try to direct some cool air towards the area with a small fan. Cool air is the easiest way to soothe their pain.

If the air is not working then you can try giving your child a bath in warm water. Many parents make the mistake of not drying the baby off after a bath, but this can lead to further irritation. Before you put a diaper back on just make sure that your child is completely dry.

Many stores sell ointments which are specifically made for diaper rash. Although these can work well they can also cause problems if you apply too much. Go easy on the ointment; if you have to spend a lot of time wiping off excess ointment it can make the rash much worse.

If you want to avoid this problem before it occurs there are a few simple steps. You should always keep your baby dry; putting a diaper on a wet baby is the quickest way to cause skin irritation. Wet naps are great but just be sure to dry the baby completely after using them.

One of the biggest causes of skin problem in babies comes from their own waste. Bowel movements and urine contain corrosive chemicals that can really bother the sensitive skin of a baby. If your child soils their diaper make sure to change it as soon as possible.

Many people choose the method of applying natural vitamin E oil for nappy rash. This is a good technique for soothing the pain but it is best to take steps to stop if from happening in the first place. Keep your baby dry and change their diaper regularly and you will have a much happier child.

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