All You Need To Know About Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is known as the god of yogis and the main agent of change, both as a preserver of life and a destroyer of life, including the ego. Nothing is truly is destroyed by Shiva, because when something like the ego is taken away something new is created. In essence, it means the power he holds is the power to purify.

The main thing he’s know for is helping people to see reality is a more lucid way. The destruction he’s known for is merely a way of creating paths that can lead to greater awareness. Once all obstacles have been removed the idea is that people can see the world in the way Shiva intended.

Meditation plays a key role in the Hindu religion and it’s role with the deities is no different. The deep meditation that’s advocated by the followers of deity involves a greater level of consciousness, one that eventually renders you formless. The idea is that we are all essentially pure consciousness and that by going back to our original state we are able to let go our attachments to possessions.

As is fairly usual in Hinduism, the deity has many different guises. Nataraj is a dance that represents destruction and creation. It’s main purpose is to reveal the cycles of rebirth and death. There are many other dances that are connected to the deity, such as the Dance of Bliss and the King of Dance, which are supposed to promote the welfare of the world and His love for his devotees. There are many other dances and each one represents something connected with either or all of the following: love, destruction and rebirth.

One of the many forms of the god is rumored to have taken is Hanuman, a karma yogi. This incarnation has apparently been created to serve Ram selflessly forever more. This part of the Hindu doctrines is unclear because karma yogi don’t actually take any credit for what they do. Hanuman, being a karma yogi, is supposed to be utterly selfless, so no-one really knows whether this particular manifestation can be credited to the deity.

The Hindu religion is known for its mantras. Mahamrityunjaya is another of his incarnations and the Mahamrityunjaya mantra and the Gayatri mantra are used to promote well being. They also have the added benefit of promoting a peaceful and calm mind.

The religious scriptures dictate that people should worship him, usually for a month. This month is often called Sawan, which some call Shravan. Some may wonder why it is just him that is being worshiped during this time and why not other gods. The Hindu scriptures recognize him as being in control of the whole world, and it’s him that will one day be responsible for its ultimate destruction. Those who want more in-depth reasons as to why he is worshiped should take a look at the Hindu scriptures.

Lord Shiva has a role in the Hindu religion that cannot be underestimates. As the creator and destroyer he has the ability to give and take. One such such that emphasizes this took place when he was telling Parvati, the goddess, a story about immortality. She fell asleep and the only thing present was a parrot, who listened to the entire story. Because of this the parrot was blessed with immortality.

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