All About The Tag Heuer Spring C-Flex

This short article will look closely at the three main models within the Spring series.

The Tag Heuer company started off in 1860 as a watch making company.

All Tag Heuer products are made of the finest materials and to the best quality standards.

The Tag Heuer Spring is available in different colours and materials.

The colours to choose from can range from really subtle tones up to tones that only the most daring will wear.

Rimless frames and sleek design gives you the ultimate sporty look and feel.

These frames offer you that super smooth, aerodynamic appearance. It looks as good as a sports car.

Durable yet light, these temple stems are coated with elastomer for an ergonomic feel.

The Spring Rubber looks quite similar to the Spring collection. The Avant-Garde style of the Tag Heuer brand is reflected a lot in the Spring Rubber models.

The hinge-less design provides a sleek look to the frames. Understated but well crafted, the Spring Rubber looks like an optical frame from the future.

The Spring Rubber is a “man’s frame”; its masculine looks comes from the rectangle frame shape and the sleek, sharp lines of the frames.

A pair of glasses should do more than simply correct your eyesight; they should also provide you with comfort and function. Elastomer is used to coat the temples giving you comfort and ease of cleaning.

The Tag Heuer Spring C-Flex is the most unique out of the series. If you have your eyes set on the C-Flex model, it’s most likely that you are a man who lusts for the finest things in life.

Used in formula one and aerospace engineering, carbon is used to make the C-Flex temple stems.

The choice is colour is more limited than the Spring and Spring Rubber collections however the C-Flex is very comfortable to wear.

If your main concern is the heaviness of some optical glasses then opt for the C-Flex; these frames look good and feel as if you aren’t wearing anything.

All of the Spring series come in a rimless setting.

When choosing lenses, it’s highly recommended that you avoid the 1.5 lens; go for a 1.6 lens or higher as these are thinner, lighter, and suitable for rimless frames.

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