Ogio Grom Golf Bag: What People Are Saying

In the market for a new golf bag? If so, you likely want to know what current users are saying about the bag you are considering. The Ogio Grom should be on you list of bags to consider, and this article will allow you to get feedback from dozens of reviews, all condensed and laid out in one place. Here you can find answers to the following questions: What are the best feature of the Grom? Is the harness comfortable when carrying the bag? Will the bag last? Can it be used when riding in a cart?

The Grom XX as it is officially called is full of great features. It is a stand bag. Many users pointed out its great features, and these are listed below. Reviewers and users raved about the genius of the rubber strap which attaches to the cart and keeps the bag from twisting while on the cart. While this bag is intended as a bag to walk the course, users commented on how great it was as a cart bag as well. Another popular features is the zipperless ball pocket (ZBP). The pocket is tensioned so that you can pull it open, grab a ball, and it snaps shut on its own. Getting balls is also made easy by the three ball silo on the front of the bag, which was another well-loved feature.

Another favorite feature was the labeled pockets. Users commented on how this small detail makes using the bag much more intuitive. Both the scorecard pocket and the water bottle pocket can be reached while wearing the bag, which users noted was very convenient. Golf specific and regular towels can be attached to the bag. Its sturdy legs were also commented upon.

The Grom is a stand bag, and as such is designed to be carried. However, many people only use it this way occasionally. This is partly due to the fact that it is heavier than many stand bags, at seven pounds. This was not a problem for other users, however. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the legs of this bag are very sturdy. They did hit the side of the bag when walking for some reviewers, which they found annoying. Another drawback of the Grom is that when the bag is strapped into a cart, the valuables pocket is exactly under the cart strap. While not a deal breaker for most reviewers, they did note that it was inconvenient to have to unstrap the bag to get at their keys or wallet.

Overall, the Ogio Grom gets great reviews. However, there are some drawbacks as noted above. The majority of users used the bag mostly as a cart bag but for the occasional walking round. Be sure to compare it with the other great bags on the market, especially if you plan to walk a lot, as it is rather heavy for a stand bag. As far as convenience and construction goes, however, the Grom seems to be at the top of the pack.

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