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Gout has been making people keel over in pain since the times of the ancient Egyptians in 2600 BC. It has been known as the rich man’s disease because a lot of kings have rich men in the old times get it due to the abuse of eating very delicious foods. This has continued until now especially now that there is 1 to 2% increase of cases over the years. The reason for this is because of bad lifestyle choices like eating too much junk food and also since life expectancy is improving over the years.

There are quite a number of causes for gout. One main cause is due to dietary choices and the culprits are usually meat, seafood’s, alcohol and fructose-sweetened foods and drinks. Certain drugs can also cause gout and also as a consequence of a medical condition like certain cancers. Strangely enough genetics also play a role in getting this disease.

So how do you treat this? Well, there are quite a number of gout remedies being presented now. Some say that eating about 6 to 8 cherries when attacks occur can help. It can also be used for prevention to. Some use apples as a gout remedy. Experts say that eating about three apples a day can help you prevent gout. It just goes to show you that indeed an apple a day or maybe three can really keep the doctor away. They also have mashed the apples and use the mush to cover inflamed areas. Others would also recommend soaking the area with warm water that has Epsom salts.

But if the apples and cherries can no longer provide that needed relief then it is time to employ the help of some gout treatments namely some good medicine. Some doctors would recommend taking some pain relievers. However not all patients can tolerate certain pain relievers so doctors will also use the drug called colchicine to help provide some good relief. Allopurinol is also being used in order to help prevent uric acid from forming in the body.

However, is the patient can no longer bear the pain and the home gout remedies are not longer working, then medical gout treatments will given to them as per recommendation of the doctor. Usually doctors would prescribe some pain relievers to the patient to provide some relief. If however for some reason the patient cannot take the recommended pain reliever, the doctor can substitute it with colchicine. As for prevention, doctors would recommend to the patient some uric-acid production blockers like allopurinol to decrease the levels of uric acid in the body.

Gout is treatable and preventable especially with the help of modern medicine and some homeopathy. It may call for some discipline and dedication but all those sacrifices will pay off anyway.

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