Adonis Effect – Knowing How to Get the Perfect Male Body

This may catch you by surprise but do you really know what type of body shape women instinctively desire. Do you know that there’s actually a secret formula for the ideal body proportions women love. Have you been hopelessly searching for the best technique to get you into that perfect shape. Guess what, there’s actually a perfect system that can get you the perfect body you want. This very same system will make you the magnet of every woman’s affection! The Adonis Effect answers your needs! But, what exactly is the Adonis Effect.

Before we move any further, you’ve probably heard too many people telling you to get into some form of training. Some would even force you to undergo a rigid workout plan to get the perfect physique. The worst part is, they do not know how to do things safely. They don’t even know the exact proportions that women love. So, what exactly is this perfect male body that women desire? Does it come in a specific shape.

Well, the shape that we are talking about is the V-shaped torso. This is the body figure any woman desires a man to have. This body form is likened to a warrior’s; broad shoulders narrowing towards a slender waist. Try asking some women and they’d tell you the same thing; they can’t help but love the V-shaped torso.

What is really implied here. It’s very obvious; a man’s perfect body proportions have already been realized centuries ago. If you notice, this is evident in the statue of David, an art masterpiece by Michelangelo. Also, consider Leonardo da Vinci’s representation of the perfect male image in Vitruvian Man. For hundreds of years now, there’s but only a little difference on how the society perceives the ideal male body proportions. The Adonis Effect fits perfectly here.

Still haven’t figured what this Adonis Effect system is all about. Created by Brad Howard with the help of his partner John Barban, their research-based diet and muscle-building program has been carefully designed to help you achieve “The Golden Ratio.” More commonly known as the “Adonis Index,” this ratio is the muscle building program’s goal for men trying to attain that perfect male shape. This index indicates the ratio of a man’s shoulder to his waist. The ratio is equivalent to 1.618. This measurement serves as a guide in attaining the ideal male body proportions. Also, it is an easy means for tracking your success with the regimen. Now, isn’t that easy to have one realistic goal.

This index is equal to 1.618. The Adonis Effect uses this measurement as your guide in attaining that perfect body. This specific measure also enables you to keep track of your progress with the program. Now isn’t that easy. If you are genuinely interested to know exactly just how to get the ultimate male body and actually achieve your goal, start using the Adonis Effect program now! This program not only provides you with the important and factual information on how to get the perfect male shape, it also maximizes your health potential without missing out on looking your best and getting the most attention you want from women. The Adonis Effect is the best and safest formula into getting that perfect body you’ve always wanted. Take advantage of what this program has to offer and start your way into a healthier and sexier you.

What you just learned about the perfect male shape is just the beginning. To get the full story and all the details, check us out at perfect male figure.

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