A Guide On How To Avoid Excessive Weight Gain When Eating Out At Restaurants And Diners

Eating out is part of our culture. It’s a time for socializing and a time for not having to worry about meal preparation and clean up.

The bad news here is that eating out can singlehandedly make you gain a lot of weight.

So here is a guide on how to avoid excessive weight gain when eating out:

1. Avoid getting too hungry: Many people allow themselves to get really hungry before eating at a restaurant in order to get their fills worth. If you do this, you will overeat and end up gaining fat from your meal. So never let yourself get too hungry.

2. Take half of your plate to go before starting: This is a really effective way to prevent yourself from overdoing it here. You see, regardless of how satisfied you feel, you are more likely to overeat when large plates are in front of you.

3. Avoid the bread basket temptation: Having lots of bread before you even begin your meal is a surefire way to get in bad trouble. You see, flooding your body with carbohydrates before you begin eating will put a huge dent in your progress.

4. Avoid processed meats: Things like hot dogs, hamburgers and fatty steaks are loaded with calories and saturated fats. So make sure you opt for leaner sources of protein like chicken and turkey. These will be much better choices.

5. Avoid deep fried food: Even if the food being fried is healthy, keep in mind that once oils are exposed to high levels of heat they can become rancid. Thus, make sure you stay away from deep fried food at all costs or the consequences will be weight gain.

6. Have lots of vegetables and water: Both of these will help fill you up before you start eating the calorie dense food. Even better, they will keep your blood sugar lower which will help increase the rate of fat burning in your body.

Eating out doesn’t have to be a nail in your fat loss efforts. Just make sure you take heed on the advice here, but more importantly, take action!

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