Acne Laser Treatment – 3 Common Myths

Of course one of the things you probably know is that laser therapy that is used to treat acne is one of the more expensive options for getting rid of acne. One of the reasons that it is so costly is simply because it is one of the more sophisticated treatments that is available on the market and one of the most effective treatments too. Just because it costs a little bit of extra cash doesn’t mean people aren’t willing to pay to get rid of their acne woes.

Through the years, it has been proven than acne laser treatment is truly effective. It is not surprising that numerous people are willing to spend a significant amount of their income and savings just to have the opportunity to be successfully treated. It’s no doubt that they want to get rid of acne and in the process regain their confidence.

How does laser work in treating acne and removing acne scars? This type of treatment heals the lesions and then treats even existing skin scars permanently. Acne laser treatment utilizes specific types of soft pulsing light wavelengths and intensities. Those help reshape tissues of acne scars by sinking or shrinking raised scars. Even the redness around the treated acne pustules are lessened, eventually vanished.

Acne lasers emit red light with a low and constant frequency to stimulate collagen. This process helps make scars less visible. Laser exposure of the affected skin part also speeds up the momentum of the entire process of recovery. Here are some myths and their corresponding facts about acne laser treatment.

Laser Procedures Burn The Skin

It is highly believed that laser will burn the targeted areas effectively so since this is true, people also think that it will bring them pain or a burning sensation during the treatment. Truthfully, the low light which is emitted through acne laser treatment doesn’t produce heat that is noticeable. Despite common belief your skin will not be hurt or burned.

In contrast, you would feel as if you have just received a fine facial massage following each laser treatment session. Aside from treating acne, the procedure could even tame existing wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, for getting rid of acne, laser does the job to meet expectations and goals.

You Will Get Overnight Results

It may be true that acne laser treatment offers and facilitates one of the quickest approaches to treat acne and eliminate acne scars. But in reality, no one could claim that it brings about ideal results overnight. The truth to this is that positive results could show up approximately three to six weeks following the laser treatment procedure.

This is because it is only within this timeframe that the skin completely heals after the procedure. Ideal results get apparent after this recovery stage. Still no other acne treatment or procedure could commit to results appearing as fast as this one. Even microdermabrasion takes time because it also depends on complete healing and recovery of the skin.

Combining Laser And Other Treatments Is Not Recommended

There is no reason to think that laser acne scar removal treatment against acne should not be combined with other acne treatments. Specialists are quick to note that it is safe to perform acne laser therapy to people who are also undergoing microdermabrasion and taking acne medications or oral antibiotics.

Those of you that are sick and tired of having to deal with this skin problem may have finally found what you are looking for. If you have tried all of the other options and those options have failed to give you the right results then it could be time to check into the laser therapy. You are going to find that it does have a high price tag so you need to make sure that you have some money saved up. Also research which specific treatment is going to be the right one for you.

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