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Laser therapy Coquitlam specialists offer a wide range of treatments that can successfully replace usual methods for treating different medical conditions. They use a low power laser beam for accelerating natural healing processes after sports injuries and surgical procedures, as well as in case of tissue and skin damages, different skin problems and even as a replacement for traditional use of needles in acupuncture.

Laser therapy mainly uses red and infrared light. Besides accelerating numerous healing processes, the light affects deeper layers of the skin and the tissue bellow, and gets absorbed by energy producing parts of the cells. This energy boost results in more effective natural regenerative response of your organism.

Faster cell reproduction and increased production of protein and collagen results in accelerated healing processes. This way the light beam helps creating optimal conditions for these processes, and the results are visible and long lasting. The secret is in treating the very cause of a tissue damage, not the symptoms. Your organism simply gets encouraged to heal itself.

Replacing traditional acupuncture method with absolutely painless light beam is particularly interesting. Some people have an uncontrolled fear of needles, especially if they have to be used on various sensitive areas. This non-invasive method provides equally beneficial results during relaxing treatment, with no trace of pain and discomfort whatsoever.

For example, acupuncture anti-smoking therapy can be highly effective, but people sometimes cannot imagine the needles in their ears. Things get much easier if you use light beams instead. Absolutely painless, tingling, warm sensation on the skin surface is something entirely different. Another problem related to the recovery after injuries is taking of pain killers. This method is much better alternative.

In case you have a pacemaker, for example, or any other serious health problem, it is advisable to ask your doctor’s opinion about taking this particular treatment. Your therapist should also be aware of your specific health condition. Some issues require special medical attention, because they can present a risk factor.

Similar use of laser technology is well known for years now, and no side effects were noticed. This treatment works on several levels, affecting protein production, cellular metabolism and cell replication. It might be a highly efficient alternative for the patients that don’t respond very well to usual therapies. It provides fast and visible results in a short period of time.

Taking too many pain killers is sometimes required, but it can make so much damage to your health in a long run. Using this method for avoiding pain killers is highly recommended, especially when it comes to arthritis and different sports injuries. The recovery time after sports injuries is significantly shorter, and normal physical function gets restored much faster.

Various skin problems can be successfully treated and solved in your laser therapy Coquitlam clinic. Red and infrared light penetrates through all skin layers, stimulating the production of protein and collagen. Faster and more effective skin regeneration provides very appealing results in extremely short period of time, and the skin gets younger and healthier, painlessly and without any side effects involved.

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