Keep Nails Fungal Free With Zetaclear

Finger and toenails are made of various layers of differing cell structures. Their primary function is to protect nerve ends and tips of the body’s extremities. It is essential therefore that nails are kept clean, healthy and free of any fungus. Zetaclear offers an all round nail and nail bed care that will ensure that nails are healthy strong.

Made up of soothing healing oils and other ingredients this product penetrates under the nail to remove unsightly fungal infection. Feet are especially prone to all manner of fungal problems. The fact that they are covered with socks or stockings and closed tight fitting shoes for the major part of the day causes feet to sweat, sometimes excessively, which may lead to fungal infections.

Once an infestation of this nature has taken root it could become a difficult infection to cure. The dampness created around the nail tends to allow fungus to grow freely and to reoccur if not properly treated.

The herbal oils that are to be found in Zetaclear are all natural and promote healing and good nail care. It does not give off an offensive medicinal smell but in fact has a fresh herbal aroma. It is easy to apply by hand or brush and should be used twice a day after washing.

Because it manifests in the extremities medicines taken by mouth are not as effective as external applications. A gel applied regularly gives longer lasting results. Application of this gel should be done from the center of the nail, out to the sides and underneath the nail extension. The evening application to feet and fingernails can be covered for greater effectiveness.

A maintenance program is advised once the fungus has cleared up completely. Applications of the gel two to three times a week will keep nails fungal free and leave them looking healthy and pink. For more information and an informative review on Zetaclear please click on the link.

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