A Lavender Scented Neck Wrap Feels Great At Night

Stress and sore achy muscles are a fact of life. They cause people to lose sleep and perform poorly in their day to day lives. To combat the stress and tension many people have turned to the lavender scented neck wrap as a substitute for medications that cause unwanted side effects. Lavender is known to ease stress and tension with it’s aromatic and soothing qualities.

There are many options available for the style and size of these products. You will want one that is heavy enough to relieve your pain and transfer heat to the affected areas but be careful not to get one that is so heavy it stresses the shoulder and neck muscles. Personal comfort is essential and the proper weight and design will help to ensure this.

Texture and strength of the cover fabric make a big difference when creating these items. Many factories create them from cottons and flannels. These fabrics are both soft and strong but light enough to allow the aromas to emanate from the wrap. Others are made from velvet or fuzzy fabrics in the form of stuffed animals.

The wraps should be stored in plastic in the refrigerator when not in use. This ensures that the therapy scents will stay active for a long time. If you find that you need to refresh the essence there are ways to do this that are easy and relatively inexpensive.

Many companies offer replacement packets of the herbs in the wraps. Their products come with easily accessed pouch areas that you can simply open and replace the packet inside. These offer the option of changing the type of aroma therapy you have in the packet. Others offer refresher spritzers. With these you simply squirt the fragrance onto the outside of the fabric. These can also be used on your pillow cases to prolong the soothing effects of lavender should you choose not to sleep with the weight on your neck.

Flax seed fillers are considered the most desirable because of their make up. They are an oil based seed that does not dry out or degrade over time. They can be damaged if micro-waved for too long but as a whole they last longest. Another filler is long grain rice. It is commonly used by people who are creating their own special wraps.

You do not want to over heat the flax seed in these things. The result will be a scorched smell that you cannot get rid of. Follow timing instructions closely to ensure safety. Long grain rice is more susceptible to the heat than flax seed. Never try to use a conventional oven for heating purposes. These are microwave only items. You must also be cautious when around water. If they are immersed in water they are ruined. The fillings will clump and stick together and the special aromas will be gone.

Curling up at night with a lavender scented neck wrap can relieve the stress and tension you gather on a daily basis. You can save money and time spent at massage parlors and spas and achieve the same comfort levels at home and you can share with a friend.

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