Low Carb Fast Food

Many dieters cringe at the idea of having to eat at a fast food restaurant, especially if they are counting carbohydrates. However, there’s really no need to stress over hitting the drive-through on occasion. There are plenty of low carb fast food options available. Following are some great choices for one of the most popular fast food resturants.

McDonalds and diets have never really gone hand-in-hand but things are changing in the light of some popular carbohydrate-controlled diets like Atkins. This restaurant is known for accommodating to the needs of its customers and it is also known for adjusting its menu according to popular trends in diets. Right now there are more options for low carb fast food at McDonalds than ever before.

Of course, salad is top of the list when it comes to just about any diet. You really can’t go wrong by choosing this healthy meal and you can get in a good portion of protein by ordering a salad with grilled chicken. One of the best low carb fast food salads is McDonald’s grilled Asian salad.

The Asian salad is such a great choice for anyone who wants to stick with a healthy eating plan because it offers soy protein in the mix. Not only do you get low carb fast food on the run, you also get a healthy portion of soy protein which has shown to help people lose more weight than other types of protein.

Not in the mood for chicken or salads? You can always opt to order a double cheeseburger. In order to make this low carb fast food, though, you have to dump the bun. I like to sit in the park and feed the pigeons the bread while I enjoy the protein-packed hamburger.

Don’t forget your beverage. Many of us forget that part of eating low carb fast food involves incorporating a wise drink choice in the mix. There is little good in taking all the measures to make sure that the carbohydrates in your meal are in check if you are going to rack up carbohydrates in your beverage. Good choices are black coffee, iced tea and of course, water.

When you are eating on the go you may feel that you have few options but you can find a lot of great tasting low carb fast food choices if you think things through a little bit. Your efforts will pay off in the long run. You can still enjoy a trip through the drive-through without feeling guilt.

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