The Many Benefits Of Using A Pilates Reformer Workout

The Pilates reformer workout offers many benefits to your body. Pilates itself has become quite popular. It has been developed from the original principles of Joseph Pilates. The series of exercises will help improve posture and strengthen the muscles throughout the body. They also promote body and mind awareness, while improving flexibility and agility. An Aero Pilates reformer training routine is likely the most convenient way to make the most of all the Pilates rewards.

The reformer is a piece of equipment developed for doing Pilates exercise. It has a frame that is usually made from wood or it may be metal. The center of the frame has a carriage that moves. Springs are attached to the carriage to provide resistance. A padded bar is attached at one end and is adjustable. On the opposite side are either leather or ropes with handles on their ends.

This method of exercise is based on the premise that the mind and body are connected and how one affects the other. It seeks to have the two work together. Many types of exercise allow for the mind to zone out while the body works. This leads to a less productive workout. The more the mind is involved the more aware of and in control you are of those working muscles. That is not just when exercising but at all times.

For this workout to be done properly, it is important to have the proper alignment of the pelvis and spine. The correct form is needed as well. Proper breathing is just as integral as is making sure each movement flows smoothly. To do all this properly the mind must be fully engaged in each movement.

There is one set of muscles that are working no matter what position is assumed or what particular movement is being done, the core muscles. They make up the torso and are the structure the body sits upon. These are the deeper muscles of the back, abdomen, pelvis and near the spine. All body movement radiates from this area. The stronger it is the stronger all movement is. This is why an athlete must work this area. Focused exercise in the area can reduce any back pain.

The reformer was originally created to help recovering patients. This allowed them to stay in a reclining position and still exercise. Today athletes use the reformer to help them recover from injuries. It is ideal for this task because it uses the weight of the body for resistance and is low impact. Muscle groups are worked in a balanced manner, and the movement is gentle and slow which can help prevent a reinjury. Since it focuses on core strengthening they will not lose anything is this area while recovering. The exercise is so gentle but effective it is used in physical therapy centers.

Muscle strength is built in a very different way than with traditional weights. They tend to make muscles short and bulky requiring separate exercise to stretch them and make them more flexible to prevent possible injury. Using the reformer produces long, lean, and very flexible muscles while still building strength. Isolated muscle groups can be worked or multiple groups at once.

Over time one thing that is readily noticeable is how much posture is improved. Overall body conditioning may be greatly changed with the use of the Pilates reformer workout. These workouts can be adapted to any level of fitness. Whether a couch potato or an elite athlete there is something for you. If there is an injury or joint pain, these conditions may be improved or alleviated with the use of the reformer. It delivers a challenging but gentle workout.

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