YourNetBiz – Understand About This Hot Business Program

I’m guessing you might be here as you’re interested within the YourNetBiz products

Ok, so here can be a brief review of it

This isn’t your standard MLM style company, but is what’s recognized as a high ticket direct sales business, whereby you’ll make large commissions on the front end whenever you make sales, which is really cool. You will also make commissions for sales that your team members make, but you’ll only be paid one level down.

This kind of business model works well for folks who would like to create a quick cashflow and not have to wait to construct a big downline as would be needed in a conventional MLM model.

You might have previously heard of this firm under the name of MyInternetBusiness. Not only did they come up with a more realistic name but the whole advertising system and back office had a revamp, plus a lot of a lot more products had been added to the retail suite. YNB was produced by Dave Garven & Rob Hannley. [youtube:zjudFAeu31c;[link:YourNetBiz scam];]

What exactly do you get with this company system?

A ready to go, complete virtual business in a ‘box’ is what you get should you choose to join. With the system you’ll of course get a back office so you can track every aspect of your company, you get all the marketing tools and training that you need to be successful. You’ll also have the added bonus of having your own personal business assistant if you require, these are trained sales individuals that will call your leads for you if you wish and close the sale for you.

There can be a lot of scope with this package.

The Personal Organization Assistants are very useful, they are well skilled at selling without high pressure and are there to provide that human element to your business if you don’t want to talk to leads yourself. The deal here is that they will call YOUR leads for you, answer their questions and then close the sale on YOUR behalf (in return for a small commission)

This is very cool as you may be on holiday and not want to be calling prospects, or maybe you don’t like calling people today period. It’s no longer a problem, outsource it!

The most money is to be earned by joining at the Platinum level, you’ll be earning $500-$2000 for every sale you make plus 100% on retail product sales.

How much could I make from this?

Ok well this is the fun part, the short answer is you can earn a LOT, if you know what you’re doing. The great thing about Your Net Biz is that they are also a coaching provider, so they will lavishly bestow upon you hundreds of hours worth of video training. Whether you’re new to this organization or not, you will get some incredible value from their training.

If you join at Platinum Primo Vacations will also be included in your organization package. Primo can be a standalone enterprise opportunity and sells for $500. It’s a holiday travel club, you get heavy discounts on luxurious resorts from around the world..

Pretty cool when you have an automated organization that works for you WHILST you might be away on holiday!

This Numis Network assessment will teach you steps to make the most amount of money from your leads.

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