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Take a look at the Armani EA 9776. One of the Emporio Armani’s bestselling models, the EA 9776 sure packs a punch.

When wearing the Armani EA 9776, it is difficult to tell that you even have them on because of the semi rimless frame setting.

Supras give you a slightly better field of vision through the lenses when compared to a fully-rimmed frame.

Lenses are pushed into the top rim of the EA 9776 which is then held securely in place by screwing them into the metal frame.

The rectangle frame shape suits most face shapes however if you have a very angular face then you should avoid these frames.

The sleek frame arms add to the contemporary styling of the frames and the subtle EA logo can be seen on the temples.

Catering to both male and female audiences, these glasses really does offer you the best of both worlds.

The colour choices have been adapted to suit both men’s and women’s taste. Its contemporary style emphasizes its urban appeal; if you love to follow trends and life a very modern lifestyle then these frames are right for you.

The Emporio Armani brand is well known for its urban glamour. The Emporio Armani eyewear follows its clothing designs and offers frames that are urban, trendy and cool.

Celebrities that have been featured by the brand includes footballers, actresses and famous music artists. Emporio is more affordable and has a bigger celebrity ‘cult’ following than the Giorgio label.

Tip: When you pick supra frames, always opt for a 1.6 lens or higher. A 1.5 lens index is not recommended in a supra frame.

It will chip or crack when drilled during the lens-fitting process; so to save yourself the time and money, invest in a 1.6 lens or higher.

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