Your Different Weight Loss Surgery Options

The different weight loss surgery options are complicated procedures which are targeted usually at those who are very obese. If other strategies to lose weight aren’t working these are some of the surgeries that are available. It should be noted that many of them should only be considered when other approaches have failed as they have health risks attached to them

Vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG). For this treatment to take place, surgical staples divide the stomach in two. The higher part is smaller, which limits space for food. Food empties from the top to the lower part. This is done through a little incision which is made. A band is put around the breach so that it won’t expand. There are some risks when choosing this procedure. These include disintegration in your band and breakdown of the line where staples have beem placed. VBG is one of the most commonly known surgeries for quickly shedding pounds and is the most popular in the United States.

Lap- Band also referred to as Laparoscopic gastric banding. A band which can be blown up like a balloon is used in this surgery. It is put round the top of the stomach . This creates a small sac and a narrow channel which leads to the rest of your gut. Consumption of any food is limited by this action and can give you the feeling you are full even when they have taken in far less food than normal. When the band’s been positioned it is then enlarged with a special compound.

The LAP band is aimed at people who are very obese and who have to lose an incredible amount of unwanted weight. People who get this treatment will also need to watch what they eat and take part in regular physical exercise to keep up the wight they have lost due to surgery. Complications can include your band slipping and heartburn as well as enlargement of the sac.

Roux – en – Y bypass (RGB) The surgeon in this surgery uses staples to make the mass of your guy decrease. This is done by stapling to fashion a small sac in the gut which is attached to the middle of the small intestine. This causes food to avoid reaching the top of the small intestine and gut and travels through a small opening in the middle instead. This process means that the amount you can eat is reduced a lot. The taking inof calories is diminished by the avoidance of part of your intestine. The little opening reduces the rate food can leave the sac.

Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) is not as common as the other weight loss operations currently available to combat obesity. In this operation most of the stomach will be taken out by a surgeon. The amount of food taken in and acid production in the stomach is lessened. The small sac you have left over is fixed directly to the remaining segment of the small intestine, which serves to completely miss the other parts. Weight loss happens because most of your calories are sent direct to your colon where they don’t get absorbed.

This isn’t used as often as other types of weight loss surgery because there is a serious risk of patients not getting correct nutrients. It is not as common or as safe as the others.

These surgeries which can assist weight loss should be seen as your final option as they can risk your health and even your life. Make sure that you consult a doctor or health professional as your first option when considering a surgical procedure of this sort. You should take time to consider your options so you are absolutely sure this is the best way for you to shed weight.

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