Working through the Holidays with Addiction: Addiction Help by Seeing an Addiction Therapist

The holidays are a special time of the year when people take a little time to focus upon others, give thanks for what they have, and give to those in need. While it’s not hard to get wrapped up in the vacation festivities, those in recovery from addiction realize the significance of self-care and alcohol addiction help. Developing a holiday recovery plan will help individuals avoid relapse by ensuring that recovery activities are scheduled into each and every day.

A vacation recovery plan is all about coping with extra stress, balancing the additional activities involved with the holidays, and handling “high-risk” circumstances. The first step in any good holiday recovery plan would be to check the calendar for upcoming events. Confirm high-risk situations like family gatherings or office parties are limited both in number and time expended taking part. Similarly, schedule more recovery activities such as AA or NA addiction support group meetings, exercising, meditating, or professional counseling sessions with an addiction therapist.

Even the best-laid plans are not quite perfect, so urges to use are normal. Family, memories, parties, finances, crowds, and even the extra commercials advertising alcohol may trigger urges to use. When handling urges, it is really important for individuals to remember how easily indecorous reactions to high-risk scenarios can become a relapse.

Completing a daily inventory at the end of every day can help you stay on track. Reflecting each evening on thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions will help you gain awareness, information, and abilities needed for a continuing successful recovery. Even evaluating the triggers which lead to past holiday relapses can supply valuable info about navigating this year’s holiday calendar.

Those with addiction can find a way through the holidays by starting with a holiday recovery plan. By carefully planning recovery activities, reducing high-risk situations, and being mindful of “what works,” you may have a relapse-free vacation!

Tia Parsley is a licensed pro counselor in the Woodlands, Texas. Parlsey concentrates on safe, alternative activities for those in addiction recovery such as attending an addiction support group or seeing an addiction therapist.

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