Why Students Drop Out of College

Getting into college is an important task for high school seniors, but just as important as getting into college, is being able to complete four years of college and get a degree. There are a number of reasons why students drop out of college, and if you are aware of these reasons before you begin college then it can help you to make a success of your college years.

A huge factor behind many failed academic careers is that some students are not really sure why they are in college and lack motivation to tackle the work. It is good to examine your own motives for being in college. Are you there because of family or peer pressure or do you want to accomplish something while you are in college? If you really believe and understand that a college education has an important place in your life, then you should have the motivation to carry you through the four years.

Another important contributor to college attrition is that beginning college students can’t cope with the newfound freedom that they get when they enroll in college. This problem is compounded for students who are living away from home for the first time. In college class attendance is often not mandatory, which is a far cry from high school, where any absence can result in a call to your parents. And if you live away from home, you can now stay up and party and do things you would never be able to do at home. As you can imagine, if you miss classes regularly and don’t establish a proper routine of living, this could spell your academic downfall. Learning how to be self-disciplined will go a long way towards a successful time in college and in your years after college.

If you can’t handle freedom well, then you may be prone to the next factor that causes students to fail and drop out. Lots of students are not able to establish a proper mix of social and academic life. It is a lot of fun to spend time dating and partying, but if you do not also give sufficient time to your classes, reading assignments and other academic tasks, then you are asking for trouble. Learning how to budget time and getting the right balance of work and leisure will go a long way to insuring that you remain in college and thrive in college.

A huge factor in the inability to complete a college career is the fact that many freshmen do not have the study and academic skills to cope with the increased workload that comes in college. Reading and writing assignments in college are a lot heavier than in high school and classes and lectures are more complicated. Developing proper note-taking skills during or before you enter college could make a big difference. Similarly, perfecting your writing skills will also go a long way to ensuring your successful completion of college.

These are some of the main reasons why students face difficulty in college and why they drop out before completing their four year or two year course. There are, of course, other less common ones.

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