Why Sleep Apnea Surgery Is A Last Resort Option

Sleep Apnea Surgery is regarded as a last resort for treating patients who have been clinically diagnosed with this life-threatening breathing disorder which plagues many during sleep. This is considered an incredibly dangerous disorder which causes cessation of breathing at various times during sleep.

Sleep Apnea is diagnosed during sleep in sleep study clinic. The sufferer is checked into a clinical lab overnight with some other electrodes connected to his head. Wires are situated to evaluate heart rate, movement, and a lot more. The computer system gathers and assimilates data.

The data provided to the doctor is gathered during observation by a Respiratory Technician who prompts the sufferer to do various tasks whereby a computer is going to be capable to compile the information needed for evaluation. After gathering this material, an assessment is written, providing the patient’s primary care physician more knowledge about various factors of the study.

There are plenty of problems that happen to be experienced by the patient as a result of sleep apnea. The patient experiences excessive snoring. This can lead to loud snorting due to the patient’s failure to breath due to not enough oxygen flow in the blood (hypoxemia) because there was blockage of oxygen while asleep. The patient is constantly awakening as he can’t breath.

The Uvula , a projection hanging in the back of the throat, fails to open. Thus, this projection produces the obstruction. The sufferer is therefore unable to breath, stops breathing and awakens gasping for breath. The doctor, upon review involving the evaluation from sleep study, as opposed to surgery, may order C-PAP , a device which provided positive air pressure which is compressed, supplying the pressure essential to enable the uvula to stay open and not block the oxygen necessary to breath while asleep. This process applied may work with a period of time.

If the condition of restlessness during sleep remain, Sleep Apnea Surgery must certainly be performed to get rid of most of the Uvula tissue in the back of the throat that is definitely causing this blockage. With surgery as an elective, the surgeon will perform Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. During this procedure the physician provides surgery that can repair the uvula, palate, and throat. Excess tissue in this area is removed to eliminate blockage.

With this tissue being removed, there is absolutely no more constriction, as well as the patient may breath because an opening has been created to supply space needed for oxygen to flow. The affected person will be able to sleep. There will be no machines, no noise, no constriction towards the head. Just sleep.

Sleep Apnea Surgery is the final elective to the other alternative means to manage the sleep required to maintain health. This is a condition that may tax one’s heart and raise blood pressure levels. Treatment modalities occasionally includes:

* a regiment to lose excess weight

* prescriptions for antidepressant

* Respiratory stimulants * Tracheotomy

Whatever the modality, the necessity for Sleep Apnea Surgery turns into a necessity. Airways have to be opened that individuals may breathe.

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