What type of injuries at work can first aiders deal with?

Volunteering to be a first aider can be extremely beneficial and rewarding. It can also help a person to get a job as it demonstrates that you are willing to do more than you are required and that you care about helping others. Some employers even offer employees increased pay rates for becoming first aid qualified because of the additional responsibility they are taking on. Although a first aider is there to help injured people though, their training is limited and whilst they will do all they can from what they have taught, they sometimes won’t know what to do.

A first aider can deal with heavy bleeding with the training they are given. First aiders are taught the different steps to dealing with heavy bleeding but their main responsibility is to help the person as far as they can until paramedics arrive. On first aid qualifications, first aiders are taught to apply pressure to a wound to stop or slow the blood loss and maintain this pressure until the emergency services arrive.

Falls and trips in the work place are very common and can also be result in very bad injuries such as fractures or broken bones. First aiders know how to support different breaks so that they are prevented from worsening but also so the injured person is kept as comfortable and pain free as possible until they can be given pain killers by paramedics.

It is said that a first aider should do all they can to preserve a person’s life until professionals arrive to take over. As such first aiders are taught how to carry out CPR on a person who is not breathing. It can take a long time for paramedics to reach a time and so it is vital that a first aider knows the correct way to do CPR as it can be the difference between life and death.

Although first aiders are taught how to deal with the above mentioned injuries and many more, people are aware that they are taking on the responsibility voluntarily and whilst they will do their best, they might not always do right. The description of injuries which a first aider should treat states that they should treat injuries which need attention and there is nobody more qualified there to do so.

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