What Is Abundance And Prosperity?

Who doesn’t want to be rich? Even the very rich want to be even richer and those who do not want excessive financial wealth still want an abundance of some other thing in their lives. Be it in finances, health or relationships – abundance and prosperity is what everybody aspires to have.

Of course, abundance mean different things to different people. For the sake of simplicity, let us use abundance in relation to finance and monetary value. Let’s say a man has used a bicycle his whole life, finally having a car is an extremely extravagant blessing for him. If his neighbor grew up with a lot of cars at his disposal, then one car is hardly worth his attention. A helicopter will be what crowning success is to him. On the other hand, a person with a jet setting lifestyle won’t be impressed with a parked helicopter in a hangar-maybe having his own island will be his pinnacle of prosperity.

As illustrated, every person has his own version of what makes a success. It is a deeply personal affair only you can determine for yourself. Many today have gotten discouraged from dreaming and dreaming-never attaining what they aspire to be or have. Do not place the blame on economy or whatever lack you perceive you have. You can choose to be abundant, and it shall be so.

You might be asking– if that’s really possible in my life tell me what to do. First, let us understand what we are discussing about. What is the meaning of abundance? Abundance is having an overflowing fullness of supply in your life. It is having more than enough; it is having options.

Imagine a large empty glass on a table. Water is poured into it but it doesn’t stop at the rim. It spills outside the glass onto the table and down its sides. This is abundance, an overflowing of what you allow to put inside your life. But you think, ‘That’s crazy talk. You mean to tell me, I need to allow money in my life so I can get more money? I don’t even have money in the first place!’

You are absolutely right. You do not have money-not yet. Understand that people acknowledge abundance and prosperity only in its physical manifestation. Not enough people realize that before you see money in your pocket, you have to see it in your mind. Begin thinking abundantly. Ponder on your prosperity long enough to be convinced it will become a certainty in your life. Envision yourself wealthy, and own it.

I have never seen a poor man with a rich mindset remain poor. In fact, look up on some of the world’s billionaires and you will find many climbed up the ladder of success because they had a vision of what they want to be-or more to the point, who they believed they ought to be. If you see this clearly, unclouded by circumstantial factors like education, background and differing opinions; then no one cannot stop overflowing prosperity from pursuing you.

The wisest man that ever walked the earth once said, “If you can believe it, it can be done”. Abundance is a personal, overflowing expression of blessings– and it is yours for the asking.

Zoe Smith is excited for people to know what is the meaning of abundance in life. Learn about Abundance and Prosperity and how it can be yours today.

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