What An Eye Doctor San Mateo Can Do For You

Man makes use of the eye for almost any task he has to perform. Information from the environment is sent to the brain through the eyes and decisions from the brain are also accomplished with the help of the eye. Besides, the eye plays an important role in increasing the attractiveness of an individual. These facts contribute to the reason behind the quest of an eye doctor San Mateo in offering help to people with eye problems. These eye problems include amblyopia, astigmatism, dry eye and conjunctivitis.

Amblyopia is the phenomenon that occurs when one of the two eyes does not play its role in attaining normal vision. Another name for amblyopia is lazy eye. This disorder starts during infancy and early childhood. Amblyopia can be detected in a child if his eyes are not properly aligned. It is better to treat this disorder very early to avoid any problem on the other eye.

Another eye problem is known as astigmatism. This one is common and it often occurs when the cornea in the eye is not properly shaped. This results to blurred vision since light cannot be properly focused on the retina.

Apart from these, the eye doctors are also experts in treating conjunctivitis (pink eye). Conjunctivitis causes the eye to turn red when the conjunctiva is inflamed. The conjunctiva can be inflamed when infected by bacteria or viruses. Pink eyes are commonly found in children though some adults also have problems with it.

Another important eye disease is known as dry eye. Dry eye is caused by the absence of tears or low quality tears in the eye. The tear is supposed to supply the eye with nourishment so when it is absent, the eye suffers dryness. This phenomenon is predominant among old people.

The eye doctor San Mateo can treat these eye diseases as well as others that have not been listed on this page. They have been doing this for years so it is difficult for them to be overwhelmed by any case, no matter how complex you think they may be. Fortunately, their fees are affordable and you will get positive results much faster than expected.

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