What A Disabled Bath Provides

Independence is a commodity lost when one suffers from disabilities. Things that were once simple now require additional help due to decreased mobility. Bathing is an especially private activity and receiving help in this area only serves to decrease that sense of independence further. However, with a disabled bath, many people with certain disabilities can do so on their own as they’re designed to decrease the difficult climbing in and out of the bathtub.

The equipment ranges between the inexpensive to the very expensive, meaning much of it is determined by necessity and how debilitating the disability is. However, what there is no lack of is choice. Furthermore, much of the equipment is only appropriate for certain disabilities.

Of the simplest devices, handles are the cheapest, most reliable and easiest to install. However, they don’t help very much with the transition or provide much in the way of support. Therefore, it’s better to apply for more useful measures.

Ceiling hoists are crane-like devices, where the individual sits in the seat. They are then lifted up and carried across the bathtub edge and lowered in. Typically, bathes are a little larger to compensate for the design, but it varies from scenario to scenario.

Similar designs offer equal support. For example, the automatic chair lift is located on the side of the bathtub and operates in very much the same manner as the ceiling hoist. It can also provide leg support as an additional feature.

A disabled bath is a great step towards regaining some independence. Stores can provide advice on the appropriate equipment best suited to each disability. They can further tailor the options dependent on budget and other factors in the scenario, such as room shape and size.

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