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Enjoying a good night’s sleep is imperative for anyone needing to function at their best throughout the day. Whenever someone pauses breathing from sleep apnea, the heart and brain are stressed. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) helps people breathe while sleeping so that the body and mind are rejuvenated when they rouse in the morning.

## Why would I need CPAP?

If you have been told that you’ll require a CPAP machine, you are not alone. Up to 30 % of adults have sleep apnea. This is where breathing is paused or becomes shallow while sleeping. It may continue for a few seconds or as long as minutes. It is typically a regular condition and can cause excessive daytime sleepiness. If it’s left untreated it can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, heart failure, irregular heartbeats, and obesity. A CPAP machine will use air pressure to open the airway whilst sleeping so that the body gets the oxygen which it needs.

## Are there CPAP stores?

There are many places where CPAP supplies are sold. Searching online or through the Yellow Pages will help you find a CPAP store . Many have a diverse range of supplies including various CPAP masks and machines, together with mask cushions, headgear, tubing, filters, water chambers and a lot more. Many stores also have oxygen concentrators and supplies. Online stores typically have the best range of products.

An online CPAP store could also have teaching guides that can be downloaded, like mask fitting guides specific to your particular make of mask. Also, since CPAP supplies should be replaced every 3 to 6 months, it is convenient to be able to have the items shipped to your front door. These stores also make it easy to submit purchases to your insurance provider.

## What are auto CPAP machines ?

Auto CPAP machines will automatically detect when CPAP pressure must be decreased or increased. The person can adjust the maximum and minimum pressures to attain optimal therapy. The benefit of using an auto CPAP machine is that often the body needs different pressures throughout the night and this machine will automatically detect and adjust those levels.

## Can I find discount CPAP supplies ?

Discount CPAP supplies are available online or at your local airway store. A brief run through an onlineCPAP store will show many products with discounts listed. Searches can even be done so the lowest prices could be listed first. Not only will discount CPAP supplies be located online, but frequently there is free shipping and a lowest price guarantee.

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