Very Helpful Gym Machines To Try Out

After joining my gym, I definitely relied heavily on primarily using gym machines. The clear instructions made me feel at ease while using them despite my jitters. Eventually I got comfortable enough to begin incorporating exercises using free weights to add more variety to my workout. Free weights will exercise certain body parts better than gym machines, but there are a few machines that I will continue to use.

1. Leg Press gym machine – Want an efficient way to exercise nearly all of our body? Look no further than the leg press. The legs can be neglected when exercising, but this machine will help to prevent that.

2. Sit Up gym machine – Normal sit ups and crunches are not the best for your lower back, but the weight machine version helps you to maintain your form and the added weights make you work harder.

3. Torso Twist weight machine – I couldn’t live with out this machine. The twisting motion is an amazing exercise for your obliques which can erase those pesky love handles. Use this machine with less weights and it doubles as a great way to stretch at the end of a workout.

4. Hip Abduction/Adduction weight machine – Free weights aren’t the most effective way to work the thighs, so instead depend on this pair of machines to tone and tighten both the inner and outer thigh.

5. Back Extension – Another exercise that is difficult to do with free weights, this machine works the middle and lower back. It offers a terrific stretch as well, perfect to begin or end a workout.

Of course, it is also important to check with experts like a personal trainer if you have any questions about weight machine exercises. These five machines are a great place to start as you move to create your own gym repertoire. Don’t be nervous about trying out new equipment because you never know what may work best for you. Be safe and don’t forget to have some fun!

William Douglas is a writer dedicated to health and fitness. Visit his site for help on gym machines and weight machine exercises.

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