Using Pheromone Cologne To Enhance Attraction Of The Opposite Sex

There seems to be a countless number of ways and theories on how to “get the perfect woman or man, ” but for some, the solution is simple: wearing pheromone cologne to enhance attraction of the opposite sex. Of course, as with any scenario, there are the sceptics who say it is impossible for a product of this nature to work. However, there are just as many enthusiasts who claim to have reaped the positive rewards scientific studies reflect.

Pheromones are substances produced by members of the animal kingdom as well as humans. They are excreted externally in secretions like sweat. These substances, perceived by the sense of smell, are known to produce certain behaviour or responses in another members of the same species, usually of the other gender. They play a distinct role in social interactions and can be used as alarm signals, trail-making scents or sexual stimulants.

One need just take a look at the million-dollar empires that have been built upon the art of making perfume, to understand the power of scent. Scent plays an important role in how animals and humans choose their mates. Science supports this notion time and time again, illustrating how central the sense of smell is in the “game of love.”

Most manufactures swear that they will never reveal the “secret ingredients, ” of these colognes for men and women. There are however three fundamental chemicals which are almost always used, they are, androstenone, androstenol and androsterone. They are worn by people who wish to attract potential love interests.

There are a few misunderstandings which seem to mislead consumers and suggestive advertising campaigns that exaggerate the effects of these products. Attracting the man or woman of your dreams, getting married to them and having a house with a white picket fence is certainly not guaranteed. In fact, there are no guarantees and there can be none. Everyone responds or reacts physically in a different way to different scents.

Another unfortunate misgiving, is that these seemingly miracle-working products can change one’s personality. This however, is impossible. It will not automatically make one a more outgoing, charming or sensual person. It can provide an inner confidence boost because the wearer is aware that they smell attractive, and automatically begins feeling more confident and relaxed.

According to studies and numerous cases of empirical research, the wearing of these colognes simply increases social interaction by attracting more people to the wearer. This may cause the wearer to feel more confident in themselves and more open to socializing, which could ultimately lead to the formation of more successful love relationships. There are still no guarantees but many swear by these colognes.

Numerous companies both on the ground and online, provide pheromone cologne to enhance attraction of the opposite sex. Many non-believers try these scents out of pure curiosity and are amazed at the results. Perhaps a bit if experimentation in this arena is just what is need to give one’s love life a much-needed boost.

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