Useful Information Regarding Laser Therapy Coquitlam Residents Need To Know

Laser therapy is a modern treatment technique that involves the use of intense light beams to destroy, cut or burn affected tissues of the body. This procedure offers more precision that ensures other areas of the body are not affected in the process. It is preferred by most patients because there are no side effects and health effects associated with it. There are several things about laser therapy Coquitlam residents need to know before undergoing the procedure.

Laser therapy is effective in the treatment of many medical conditions. These include sports injuries, degenerative conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, dermatological conditions, wound healing, arthritis among others. Some common physiological effects of this procedure include an increased production and release of cortisol, growth hormone, Endorphins and ATP. In addition, it leads to increased protein synthesis, increased angiogenesis and accelerates cellular regeneration.

There are many clinical benefits derived from the use of this technique. It helps to ease the pain associated with conditions such as cancer, joint problems and headaches. It is non-toxic and non-invasive. There are few risks involved and the recovery period is very short. Patients continue with their normal duties immediately after treatment. It also helps patients avoid surgical procedures and pharmaceuticals.

The improvement in technology has led to a significant growth in laser technology. Today there is more advanced equipment that is widely used to achieve better results. The equipment is designed with additional features and has greater capabilities. Research is still underway to establish other areas where it can be applied. Experts recommend the use of this therapy as part of a part management program and not as the only treatment method.

The beams used are very powerful giving them greater capabilities. The beam has the ability to enter the different layers of the skin where it encourages healing and helps to reduce inflammation and the pain experienced in these areas. However, there are certain groups of people that are discouraged form undergoing this procedure. These include those affected with conditions like carcinoma, thyroid gland disorder and hemorrhage. Others include pregnant women as well as those using immune suppressant medications.

This therapy provides relief and healing by inducing certain mechanisms that stimulate these therapeutic effects. The body cells usually absorb the photon energy generated by the beams and trigger certain processes. These include the production and release of collagen and muscle cells which increase metabolism rates. It also increases the production of certain hormones in the brain that create a feeling of wellness.

Patients do not experienced any discomfort when undergoing the procedure. Most patients report a sensation of warmth that is very pleasant. There are no serious side effects that have been reported to this date. They are very rare due to the measures that are put in place to ensure the safety of the patients. Although most experts document the risk of burns, no case has been reported.

This treatment is beneficial to people of all ages. It is used for both acute and chronic conditions. The number of treatment sessions required to attain relief varies from one patient to another. Most people recover after about fifteen treatment sessions. Before undergoing laser therapy Coquitlam residents are advised to gather adequate information about this procedure.

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