Use Food to Manipulate Your Cravings

Is this obvious or what? If you use food properly, your out-of-control appetite will decline. Your cravings will disappear!

Your body doesn't want food as it wants to drive you silly or die early. It wants nutrient elements and balance. When it has the nutrient elements it needs AND when you have achieved bigger inner balance, your appetite will fall in line. In fact , it doesn't have a choice!

Living in an under nourished and stressed state, as most individuals do, your body seeks to unscramble this problem by over indulging in food. Why? Because your body does not know the most notable difference between mild malnourishment, stress and FAMINE. It manages them all in the same way “stock up!

When you're less anxious and better nourished, you will be amazed at the way the smallest quantity of will power supplies the greatest quantity of true choice. Till then, your body will highjack your intellect in its quest to deal with stress and undernourishment by stocking up on fat reserves.

Food strategies:

1. Concentrate on nutriments IN. First, the supplying nutrients to your body is the first point of eating. Give your body what it needs before you EVER think about cutting back. Your body’s daily supply of protein, fat and carbs as well as vitamins and minerals is important.

Learn your daily protein need and meet it. Take a thorough multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. BONUS: Take “Vitalane” “Jack Lalanne’s formula sold by Swanson Vitamins on the web. I'm really not an associate and don't receive any commission. Bottom line: if your body does not receive what it needs , it'll DEMAND more. Before you cut anything OUT, ensure you take IN what you need.

2. Hydrate. Water is the best appetite suppressor and thermogenic known to occupy. Drink your body’s obligation every single day. If you fail to do this, no diet will ever work, as your body will not be able to achieve balance. Bottom line: A dehydrated body is an imbalanced body. An imbalanced body is Not a body that loses weight easily.

3. Eat Frequently. Avoid blood sugar swings by eating small meals 5-6 times each day.

4. Eat BALANCED. Get a serving of protein, carbohydrate and fat at each meal.

5. Get FIBER. Fiber is your stomach’s friend. Besides making it easy on digestion, it is FILLING.

6. NEVER diet. It destroys your constitution. But you knew that!

Use these steps and whatever other health information you know to keep yourself thin!

Mike Reynolds contributes health articles to sites around the world. He could be an expert in alternative health.

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