Types of Occupational Therapy Jobs

Occupational therapy covers a pretty wide range of services, but generally refers to the assessment and treatment of both physical and psychiatric issues. People in various occupational therapy jobs work together to help prevent disabilities and promote independence in every area of daily living. Occupational therapy jobs may take a person into hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, private health centers or a patient’s home. Once a treatment protocol is mapped out and completed, the therapist will analyze how effective it was at reaching the goals that were set out at the start. The details and specific services of all occupational therapy jobs will vary depending on the type of conditions and situations the therapist is treating with any given patient.

Physical rehabilitation is one of the occupational therapy jobs that a therapist might do if a patient has been seriously injured. This might entail having the patient perform exercises to improve strength, flexibility and balance, or re-learn basic daily activities like walking, picking things up, getting dressed or eating. Muscle coordination is one of the factors that many accident victims have trouble with and an occupational therapist can help. Occupational therapy jobs that require intense physical therapy may be due to an injury to the spinal cord, or a serious health issue like a stroke. Physical rehabilitation can also end up in school therapy jobs for some therapists. With physical rehab, a therapist may also teach a patient how to use specialized equipment that will make everyday living more convenient and less challenging.

Occupational therapy jobs can also cover mental and emotional issues. This may include decision making, concentration, problem solving and other mental tasks. Sometimes, occupational therapy jobs deal with issues of the workplace, teaching employees how to regain their work skills and function after an accident or other incident. Other areas where occupational therapy jobs deal with the mental aspect involve teaching patients how to shop for groceries, how to use the bus or other public transportation or basic money and time management. Virtually any situation where someone’s mental capacity has been diminished through a workplace accident or other issue can be helped by a skilled occupational therapist.

Some occupational therapy jobs deal with smaller children who have learning or developmental disabilities. These types of occupational therapy jobs require a great deal of patience and expertise from the therapist, so that the kids can discover the basic elements of learning and movements required in everyday life. In addition to working on the physical and mental aspects with patients, occupational therapy jobs require a therapist to prepare reports detailing their work for doctors or insurance companies.

Working as an occupational therapist requires a strong attention to detail in the diagnostic, practical and follow-up aspects of the job. Physical therapy jobs make the lives of many people and their families a lot less stressful and challenging. The occupational therapist can transform a person’s life and give them freedom in situations where that freedom has been taken away.

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