Twitter Marketing 101: Get Started Today

What’s better than being an expert? Having other people perceive you as the expert you are. And that is perhaps truest when it comes to creating a successful Twitter marketing campaign. To be really successful using Twitter, you’ll have to work to establish that kind of a reputation amongst your Twitter followers. To do that, you’ll need to of course get as many Twitter followers as possible and you’ll have to get them as quickly as you can.

If you want to fail at Twitter marketing, do the following: Be a wimp. Don’t learn everything you can about how Twitter works. Have a lousy can’t-do attitude. With those things under your belt, you’ll have a successfully failed attempt at Twitter marketing. Do the opposite of those things, and you’ll be stuck with more followers and more profits than you’ll know what to do with. Your choice.

You know the expression “The best laid plans”? Well, when it comes to marketing with Twitter, that’s exactly what you’re going to need. Your marketing plan with form the basis of everything that you do to make money for your business, so it’s critical that you give it some serious thought, and that means being realistic. Formulate your plan based on your company’s true situation, your actual resources and where you can realistically envision your business going. If you create a plan based on a skewed picture of things, you’ll never give your business the fair shake it deserves.

Always remember to tweet. Keep your followers in the loop by tweeting regularly!

If you’re not willing to send out regular tweets, don’t expect much from a Twitter marketing campaign. You’ll lose followers faster than you can say “tweet.” The key to effective tweets is to be consistent but not overbearing, interesting but not intrusive. Respect your followers’ time and energy but at the same time don’t leave them twisting in the wind with no new information to read.

Finally, always remember to use every tool at your disposal, which includes utilizing social media services offered by companies like Sign up for their newsletter and start learning everything you need to know.

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