Treatment of Mononucleosis

Mononucleosis is known as the “Kissing Disease Mono.” However, the kissing disease mono is definitely not as funny as the name implies. It is called the kissing disease mono because it is spread through or is exchanged by infected saliva. Although kissing disease mono may occur at any age, it is known to be spread among 15 to 17 year olds. It will cause fever, swollen lymph glands and a sore throat.

People can ease the symptom of mononucleosis, headache, with whatever they usually do for a headache. Some people will take over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or Advil and others may meditate their headaches away. Since the method of treatment for each symptom of mononucleosis is up to the patient the choice that the sufferer knows has worked in the past will work with this illness, too.

The symptoms of mono the kissing disease start off by with the average signs of being ill. Most of the time you can expect a sore throat, a headache, and just a tired weak feeling. Your tonsils will more than likely start to swell up and turn a white color. Your lymph nodes on your neck will swell up. You can just touch the outside of your lymph nodes on your neck to generally know if they are swollen up or not. If you have these symptoms you should make sure to go to a doctor. You may not have mono the kissing disease. You should never diagnose yourself through what you think you know. Always visit a doctor.

A valuable natural solution in treatment mononucleosis, is sleeping and rest. The less activity and more rest will aid in fighting off the viral infection. The fatigue you may feel during treatment mononucleosis can be overwhelming especially if the person is highly active in school, sports, or work. If you are not used to resting room darkening shades, or even reading a book, or working on a needlework will help you relax and remain quiet during the treatment mononucleosis.

The kissing disease mono can be prevented by getting a vaccination. Once you have been given the vaccination you will develop a resistance making it next to impossible to get a bout of it. Another sure way not to get the very infectious disease is to avoid undo contact while the disease is active.

It takes a simple blood test to diagnose the “kissing disease” and although the symptoms of mononucleosis are quite unpleasant and may persist for several weeks, the disease is perfectly treatable. The goal of treatment in most cases is to relieve the symptoms like getting some rest, using pain relievers and fever reducers and drinking lots of fluids in order to avoid dehydration. The fever usually disappears within ten days while the feeling of general discomfort will probably go away in four to six weeks.

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