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The over the counter weight reduction products are the topic of countless discusses in internet dieting circles. Some of the scientists say that these products are not so good for the health, but we will be able to say the results show the opposite.

A few of these products are even better than some of the tablets for weight reduction taken by prescription. We will be able to indicate to you some of the finest known and preferred non-prescription weight reduction products.

The 1st and one of the most well liked is Xenical. This drug works as an enzyme inhibitor, obstructing their action causing fats to get eliminated instead of digested and soaked up. The great effect of this product is that it works by repressing the gut and pancreatic lipase enzymes and in this, the calories are eliminated. It is recommended to take Xenical before your main meals of the day. Of coarse, like any diet tablets, Xenical should be mixed with a well balanced diet loaded in fresh fruit and veg that contain an average of about 20-30% of daily calorie intake.

Xenical is also known under the name of Orlistat and belongs to the Alli product offering. Initially, Xenical was available by prescription only but now it is an OTC weight reduction product in the US, Australia and through Europe. Alli products generally come with a diet program for shedding pounds. You’ll need to entirely commit yourself to a new lifestyle to get the result you are after.

Alli stops your body from soaking up approximately a quarter of the fat that you eat. So if you follow a low-fat diet and use Alli capsules, you can make a genuine difference to your weight as you limit the total number of calories that enter your system from fats. Alli products have been clinically shown to help people to lose up to fifty percent more weight than by simply dieting alone.

Rather than losing only fifteen pounds while on a standard diet, you could instead lose twenty or more pounds if you also took the Alli tablets. One annoying side-effect of taking Alli is the incontrovertible fact that if you eat a meal with too much fat, you will have to go to the toilet in a rush. As you can see, these weight reduction products are sometimes quite safe.

Starlight products appear to also give in a similar way, good results. One of the more well-known products from Starlight Global is “Fat Free”, that appeared only quite recently on the market, and works similar to Xenical by obstructing the assimilation of fat into the body.

Finally, there also are many herbal diet tablets that help in reducing the appetite while enlarging your energy levels. The best fact is that they don’t have an affect on your health or have the same side effects, like the other prescription tablets.

The most common weight reduction herbs include the following: Sour Orange, Cayenne, Coleus, Ephedra, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, Guarana, Guggul, Spirulina (Blue-Green Algae) and St. John’s Wort.

The oriental cultures discovered the way to a fitter and healthier life. If you’d like to shed pounds, you must try their systems with all of your trust. Once more, be determined, exercise, and make your intention for a healthful diet and along with these over the counter weight reduction products which are always at your disposal, you can succeed.

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Top Over The Counter Weight Loss Products

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