Tips on Using Facial Masks

After the application of a facial mask, you will feel your skin nourished, moisturized and supple. This miracle effect of a facial mask lies on the instant effects by supplying huge amounts of nutrients to skin in a short period of time. But, such instant effect is not going to last for a long time because of nutrient loss. In order to prevent the nutrient loss, application of other skincare products immediately is essential.

Different brands of facial masks are selling at different prices. Each piece of mask may range from several dollars to maybe a hundred dollars. The expensive masks do not represent significantly higher quality or visible effect. Therefore, you may not need to buy the most expensive ones. But, masks selling at several dollars may be poor in fiber and essence quality, which may lead to skin irritation.

Masks usually contain a large amount of essences. But the amount may not be as much as the brands mentioned (for example 20ml to 30ml) as some other less expensive ingredients are added to the essences. But, the efficacy of a facial mask lies on the absorbency of our skin. You may test the absorbency of your facial mask by squeezing the mask after application. The more the essence being squeezed out, the less absorbent it is.

Some facial masks are in the form of paper or fiber and some are in the form of cream and clay. The efficacy is not significantly affected by the different texture of these masks but more of their functions and absorbency. In general, other than personal preferences, paper (stronger moisturizing effect) is more suitable for dry skin and cream (more adhesive) is more suitable for oily skin.

If your skin is sensitive, you are not recommended to facial masks very often, especially when your skin is under irritated or allergic conditions. Applying masks (even soothing masks) when your skin is irritated may lead to more serious irritation. For normal skincare, you may choose gel masks. Gel mask are of better soothing power compared to masks of other texture. Or, you may simply DIY your own masks with thermal spring water and cotton pads.

For convenience, many skincare brands introduce non-rinse or overnight masks so that you need not to wash your face after application. If the masks are designed for non-rinse or overnight purpose, you should not wash them away. These masks are usually with light texture and less nutrients. The nutrients may be lost if you wash your face after application. Then, it is a waste of money and time for the application of your facial masks.

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