Tinnitus Is A Very Common Disorder

Most individuals who are dealing with tinnitus hear a whistle, buzzing, hissing or ringing in ears. Tinnitus has becoming more and more common among people all around the world. For example in the U.S. it is so common that some people consider it as the new national disorder. Even though it usually doesn’t cause any major harm for those who occasionally experience it, for some people the ringing in their ears is so loud and frequent that it significantly affects for the quality of their life. Studies have shown that the most typical causes of the condition are noise and stress.

One of every five students that suffers from ringing in the ears will be bullied by his classmates. Children who experience tinnitus are not doing as well in school compared to peers without hearing impairment. Researches emphasize that investigations have shown that ringing in the ears also affects the level of education and the social status of applicants.

Pedro Almodovar is a famous Spanish film maker. He has been suffering tinnitus since the fall of 2007. His way of dealing with the symptoms is music which he plays all the time in order to dispel the annoying ringing in his ears.

When the first symptoms of tinnitus appeared, Almodovar suspected that there is something seriously wrong in his head. That is why he examined himself thoroughly in order to find out whether he has a brain tumor or some other serious illness. A good news was that no such diseases were found. However, a bad news was that there is no cure for his condition and he had to learn living with tinnitus. Now he is treating his symptoms playing music all the time during his waking time.

If you are under a great deal of pressure and stress, you are in much higher risk of having tinnitus than average population. Stress increases the production of cortisol hormone and this can cause your blood vessels to narrow. While the blood circulation is disturbed in the vessels near the ear origins, this can be observed as tinnitus.

The problem is exacerbated by the evidence that many teenagers and adults in their early twenties do not treat their hearing organ well enough. Experts say that the in-ear plugs that are used for MP3 players direct the high pressure of the sound straight into the ear canal. A volume level of over 100 decibels or more is equal to the noise of a jackhammer.

Many studies in different countries have shown that all kind of tinnitus symptoms are increasing all the time. For example, one research made in John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, suggested that about 8.5% of all Americans aged 20-30 are experiencing ringing in their ears.

There is no known cure for tinnitus, even though some methods and lifestyle adjustments can help to relieve the symptoms. This is the reason you should adjust your lifestyle beforehand to prevent the ringing in the ears. Don’t take too much work, take vacations once in a while, and keep the volume levels low when listening to music.

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