Tingle Indoor Tanning Lotions

There are basically three different types of tanning lotion and these are bronzers, accelerators and tingles. Here we will discuss the tingle type of lotion. It should be said immediately that this type of lotion is not for the beginner tanner as it might cause a burning sensation which some people do not like. However, experienced tanners seem to relish the sensation. This type of tanning lotion should first be rubbed onto a small area of skin to check for any adverse reaction which might happen. Only after you are sure that it suits your skin should you use it all over. Tingle lotions are not recommended for use on the face as this skin is much more sensitive. You should choose from the wide range of lotions which are specifically made for use on your face. Apply this lotion to your face first as if you rub it on after you have applied the tingle lotion you will find your face burning and extremely red for up to an hour or so after you have tanned.

Tingle lotions are thus named because of the tingling or sizzling sensation that you feel on your skin after the lotion has been applied. The tingling actually brings blood to the surface of your skin which in turn brings oxygen to the surface to affect the melanin in your skin. The more the melanin is affected, the darker you will become. Your skin will be red for about an hour after tanning similar to a sunburn. The redness will go away and you will be fine so there is no need to be alarmed. If you find that you do not like the tingle then a warm – not hot – shower will ease the discomfort.

Below I have listed several tingling tanning lotions and their benefits. While these are usually available at every tanning salon, they are also available online. Amazon is a good place to start your search for any lotion.

Swedish Beauty’s ‘Pink Diamond’ – Tingle Hot Action
Causes an immediate reddening and warming of the skin
Better UV light absorption through moisturization
Bronzers added for a darker longer lasting color
Moisture rich formula prolongs the life of your tan
Green Citrus Fragrance

Designer Skin’s ‘Goddess’ Tingle / Sizzle
Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E and Avocado oil for healthier skin
Powerful Anti-aging ingredients
Skin firming lotion for tone appearance
Extreme tingle lotion – increases microcirculation of the skin
Coconut Lime Fragrance

Australian Gold’s ‘Heart’s Desire’ Ultra Hot Tingle Bronzer
Fourth Dimension Bronzers, Colorology Line
Ultra Hot Tingle for Experienced Tanners!
Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Formula
A blend of green apple, cucumber, and melon fragrance

It is suggested that after you have tanned you should always apply a moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and supple. Many different types are available with very pleasant aromas.

One final point here is that the more bronzers that are in the tingle lotion the better. The bronzing ingredients will increase the darker appearance of your skin after tanning.

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