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Time management sounds easy to most people, but it can be very hard to do. Those who have become masters of their schedules and goals will rarely find this to be a problem, if at all. But for those who never seem to run out of things to do, time can be an enemy. However, it doesn’t have to be an enemy at all as long one learns to befriend it. If you’ve been needing time management skills yourself, know that it is not something you can do overnight and succeed in. A lot of people buy planners and start writing down their tasks without getting serious about getting them done. If you are serious about finally setting your schedules straight, you have to go the extra mile.

The extra mile in time management starts with actually going out of your way to observe how long it takes for you to complete your regular tasks. This is very important for the reason that it is easy for you to overestimate or underestimate how fast you can go with each. When you overestimate, you could end up wasting precious time. If you underestimate, you could get discouraged so that you actually tend to rush through your tasks and compromise the quality of the outcome, just so you could keep yourself-imposed schedule. This is why you really cannot just depend on guesses. You actually have to time yourself while you do your usual tasks, and that is where you base your time management plan to make it as realistic as possible.

Of course, when you now know how long your tasks will take you to finish them, you can start planning your daily schedule. As you do so, do not forget that no matter how much you need to accomplish within a day, you have to allot time for you to relax and release tension. There are two reasons for this. One is, you’ll end up with better quality work, even if this means only five-minute breaks in between tasks. There’s really no hard and fast rule on this because everything depends on the type of job you do and whether or not you can insert those short breaks. But in general, the point is for you not to deprive yourself of rest, especially when your mind and body are craving for it. Second, if you don’t allow yourself to stop and pause for breaks, you’ll end up burning yourself out. For some people, this can mean throwing the career they’ve built for decades because of a burnout.

When you’ve finally laid your schedule, there is no other rational thing to do than to follow it. A lot of people have great ideas on how to manage or budget their time, yet they themselves have become slaves of time. This is because they do not really take time management to heart. If you want to be successful as the master of your life, whether at home or at work, managing your time efficiently is one skill you cannot afford not to learn.

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