The Wonder Of Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins are not just about rubbish, contrary to popular belief there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. What most of us have sitting on our curbside is a versatile piece of plastic, but first of all where did it first originate from?

Rubbish removal and collection prior to the 1930’s was a hazardous task with many lifting injuries occurring in the workforce. George Dempster saw the problems and invented the dempster-dumpster system to alleviate heavy lifting by standardizing metal containers, and automating the dust cart.

The bin normally comes in three standard sizes 120 litre, 140 litre, and 240 litre. It has two swivel wheels attached to the rear back, a hinged flap lid with a lip or metal bar which is used to hoist the bins up to the dust cart to dump the rubbish. This was the intended use of the bin, but there are a lot more practical and funny uses for this household friend.

If you think wheelie bins are boring then think again. They are versatile and can be adapted for several uses. With a few additional holes in the plastic, a bin can be made into a worm farm. The rich compost made by the worms can be used for the garden. Another environmentally friendly use of a bin is as a waste water collector. With a few changes and the addition of a hose; the water collected from drains and gutters can be used to water the garden.

The standard issue bin come in a rather uniform bottle green. To grab the envy of the neighborhood order a bin in a different color. Choose from bright orange and red, or purple and burgundy. It will be the most fashionable rubbish container on the street. Alternatively add some funky stickers which makes identification easier.

Last but not least there are many accessories available. Buy a multiply tow set which makes moving more than one so much easier. Join them all up together and move them in one unit. Some standard wheels are not tough enough for off-road conditions, upgrade them with heavy duty wheels, and if the way to the dustcart is just too far then purchase a vehicle tow hook for easy transportation.

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