The Use Of Hospital Beds Springdale AR

Willis Dew Gatch invented the first modern hospital beds Springdale AR that came into use in 1909. He created a three segmented bed to assist in the safety, comfort, and movement of patients being treated in hospitals.

These units used a crank shaft bar to raise and lower the head, feet and body and was the first one to allow the upper body and legs to be raised separately from each other. The style has remained virtually unchanged for a hundred years. The difference today is that the unit is operated by electricity.

Having wheels on these is essential. Moving a patient from a bed to a gurney is never really easy and can be dangerous. Having wheels allows nurses and aides to move it a few feet if necessary, or they can move a patient down the hallway with little ease, and the welfare and comfort of the patient is not disturbed.

When a person starts to have trouble breathing they may want to raise the upper portion of their body to make their breathing easier. Sometimes, it is necessary to raise the legs, especially if someone has suffered a chest injury and they are trying to keep the blood flowing in the upper body cavity. However, most times people like to sit up to be comfortable and eat.

Side rails are generally there to keep the patient from falling out of the bed. If someone is moving around and they are not completely aware of their surroundings, for whatever reasons, the railings help keep them safe.

Dr. Gatch’s hospital beds Springdale AR basic design has remained essentially unchanged since the days he would walk down hallways and checking in on patients, and they still help to provide a level of comfort and safety. Read more about: hospital beds springdale AR

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