The Types of Symptoms With Glaucoma: Long Island Eye Doctor

The condition where pressure builds within the eye is known as glaucoma and a Riverhead eye doctor can detect it. It is very easy to see why these doctors are so important when it comes to your eyes; the chance of damage to the optic nerve is very dangerous. Some signals of this condition are present even though some may not be noticeable.

Going through a regular screening from an eye care professional will see if you might have this condition. Eye doctors will perform an “air test” during your routine exam. This very simple test will reveal everything the doctor needs to know about the pressure in your eyes. Having an exam every 1 to 2 years for younger than forty and 2 to 4 for those older than this, is the right amount of time to go by.

Your peripheral vision in any way being affected is yet another sign to the fact that you may have glaucoma. If you do not get this treated fast you will begin to notice your vision gradually getting worse affecting the edges of your vision. Long Island eye doctor’s can help slow down this particular condition which is often known as “tunnel vision”. Vision loss is something that can be stopped or slowed with proper medical attention.

The main type of this condition are what are known as slow progressing and also fast progressing. Eye doctor’s can find the slow progressing types easily, but they will have a harder time with the other type. Eye pain, nausea, vomiting, severe eye pain, and blurred vision are all signs you might experience. If you are feeling any of these symptoms you need to go to the emergency room right away.

Permanent loss of your vision can occur when you do not seek out medical attention quickly with the possibility of glaucoma. There are medications to treat glaucoma, in addition doctors use laser surgery to fix it. Though the condition will not get better, the surgery is going to help reduce the pressure and save the eyesight. The technique that uses blades is often times not the choice; it is usually the laser that professionals prefer.

Other conditions that are treated with laser surgery are far sightedness and near sightedness. In using the laser, the doctors will be reshaping the cornea and also replacing the natural lens that the eye has by making an incision. When there is the chance that you may have to suffer with vision loss, you would want to consider checkups from a New York eye doctor.

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