The Treatment Methods Of Cold Sores

Most people in their lifetime will be affected by cold sores. They spread easily and are a viral infection that our bodies have trouble completely getting rid of. The question everyone seems to want to know is are cold sores contagious?

This virus cannot be completely killed by the body so it appears as these sores. There is no cure by any medicine that is available on the market today. People generally get these sores on their lips. The first attack of the virus is generally the worst. It is called the primary attack, usually hitting before the age of ten. Another name a lot of people call these by is fever blisters. The blisters are red and filled with fluid. These blisters usually last only a few days and then disappear.

There are several reason that people will get this virus. A few of the more popular reasons associated with getting cold sores are being in contact with an infected person, over exposing yourself to the sun, a hormonal change, stress, a type of damage to the skin and also an illness can trigger the virus. They can come back right away, wait years or just never come back. When they do come back they tend to show up in the same spot as they were previously.

There are several steps in the prevention for sores. One of these methods is to avoid kissing or having skin contact when the blisters are visible. This is because the blisters excrete a moist substance and without even knowing it can be transferred from one person to another. Even if the blisters are not present the virus can still be passed on due to the saliva being infected with the disease even after the blisters are gone.

Another prevention tip is to not share any of your items. These items could be your Chap Stick, utensils and towels. As always, wash your hands frequently to avoid passing the virus on to another person. Also, be careful when touching other parts of your body, as the virus is easily spread to other areas. Something else to consider is to wear sunscreen all year around because too much exposure to the skin can initiate the virus.

Depending on what method you like best, there are pills to ease the symptoms or a topical cream to help clear up symptoms. Home remedies that have worked for others are, using a cold compress, changing your diet and changing your diet. Other include the use of supplements such as vitamin E oil, Zinc, and vitamin C.

Another great natural supplement that works is Lysine. It is an amino acid and is in some foods that you probably already eat daily. These foods include cheese, milk, fish, chicken and most vegetables. If you are looking for a type of cream Abreva is the only FDA approved treatment of cold sores. It is a topical, over the counter cream that is applied to the affected area. It reduces itching and pain. Both of these can be purchased at any local store.

So, the answers to the question are cold sores contagious are really a variety of answers depending on the situation. Knowing that there are several prevention methods and treatment options should put people at ease. The fact that there are things to make cold sore sufferers feel better with no cure readily available is a calming notion.

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