The Tesla Generator’s Genius Designer

Much has recently been made of the tesla generator, a system that apparently generates more energy than it takes in. Yet who was the man responsible for inventing it?

Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the Tesla Generator, as well as inventor of quite a few additional developments within the field of electrical energy, came into this world on July 10, 1856 in Croatia. By birth, he had been a subject of the Austrian Empire, yet later in life, he became a United States citizen.

Tesla learned electrical engineering in the Austrian Polytechnic in Graz. In the university, he concentrated on the applications of alternating electric current.

Even when young, Tesla exhibited flashes of genius. He finished a 4 year school term within 36 months and also, like his mom, he had a photographic memory. Tesla read widely and exhibited full photographic recall of the books that he read.

Tesla experienced a weird ailment in which he would observe dazzling flashes of light, which might usually be followed by visions. These visions were often related to problems or technology that he had been focusing on and they often gave him new insights and ideas.

Tesla had the incredible ability to picture in extreme detail. He didn’t bother drawing plans. Rather he visualized full inventions in his head with outstanding precision, including all dimensions. And also he constructed these devices directly from what he observed inside his mind’s eye.

This amazing capability enabled Tesla to invent many of the equipment that people now take as a given, for instance: ac generators, ac motors, the present day power distribution system, radio, x-ray devices, transformers and VTOL planes.

Essentially Tesla was a genius of the first order. He had capabilities which various other inventors might only imagine, such as: photographic memory along with a faculty of visualization. Though he and Edison intensely disliked each other, Thomas Edison asserted his greatest blunder was not employing Tesla’s ideas of alternating electric current in his electrical systems.

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