The significance of having a good laptop battery

Your laptop or netbook can either directly from the mains or from the charge in your battery pack. Most people will use a combination of the two, plugging in their laptop whenever possible, but using it unplugged when there is no socket or they need to pass the laptop around or something like that.

At home, most people plug their laptop charger in and then plug that into the mains. Set up like this, you can run your laptop indefinitely, but you lose portability. You are tied to a certain distance from the socket – a distance that will depend on the length of your charger cable.

If you have your laptop plugged in with the battery in place, you will ultimately see the battery’s performance deteriorate over time. Battery capacity is reduced when you run your laptop off mains electricity with it still in place as it is subjected to what is known as a ‘trickle charge’.

Constantly having a current running through it breaks down the cells within the laptop battery meaning that where once you may have had two hours of laptop use from one full battery, you may soon see only half an hour of performance.

Equally, running your laptop only from the battery brings drawbacks with it. Under normal usage, you can expect a decent HP laptop battery to last a couple of ours or perhaps a bit less if you are running intensive programs, such as games or DVDs. You will probably want to use it for longer than that if you’re away from home and don’t have mains power. This isn’t all that long, even if your battery is in optimum condition.

You can get HP batteries in different capacities. The greater the capacity, the more expensive it will be, but the longer it should last. A high quality battery from a decent supplier will provide superior performance while poor quality products will not only last for shorter periods, they are also likely to deteriorate more quickly as well, compounding the weakness. A good charger should be able to withstand frequent charging and usage.

It is obvious then how important it is to get the right laptop battery. They can be fairly expensive, so a poor selection will leave you out of pocket and wholly reliant on mains power. That situation isn’t what laptops are made for.

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