The Reasons You Should Be Eating Organic

Are the benefits of eating organic foods tried and true, or is this simply just a bunch of hot air?

There are those who swear by the health benefits of eating organic, while others dismiss this view as garbage. In fact, if you stop and think about it for a moment, naturally grown, organic foods are going to be good for us, fact. Scientific testing backs this up.

Organic farming is not only good for us, it helps the planet too. This kind of farming only uses sustainable methods so there is a lot less damage to the environment.

The higher prices that are charged for organic food is justified by the fact that our environment is paying a much lower price than it does by conventional farming methods. Isn’t it worth paying a bit more than risking long term health problems caused by other foods?

Even though a lot of pesticides have been banned by the FDA, it’s a well known fact that there are other carcinogens being used in conventional farming. Over 40 different types of genetically modified crops have been approved for sale by the FDA, and the long term effect on our bodies from eating these is anyone’s guess.

This basically means that despite some pesticides now missing from the farming process, they have been replaced by others. The simple fact is these just can’t be good for us.

Now the reasons should be perfectly clear to you as to why the experts recommend the consumption of organically farmed crops and produce. If you can’t afford to buy everything organic, at least make the switch for things you eat a lot of, and also for the kinds of produce that uses the highest level of contaminants, like strawberries.

We can stand here and argue about this all day, but the fact is that is strong evidence to back up the information about organic produce being much better for us.

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