The One-Ten-25 Exercise Plan

This exercise plan is a part of our compound endurance series which is one of the fashions of training we like to do.

Here are two important points. First this exercise plan follows the system of Super Strength. It just condenses it down into a very fast version and enables you to work on not only every level of strength, but takes you endurance to a different level thanks to the strength work stirred into high level endurance workout and once you’ve adapted will take your strength higher because you are able to really lift heavy while you’re breathing hard and fatigued. By building the ability to do that you build the power to sustain your strength in a fight, not just have enduring strength, but high level strength that endures. This is the missing factor for most self-defense skills conditioning and truly even for most athletic and pure power exercising. Everybody who trains endurance, trains so to maintain a decent pace for a long period of time, mostly even those that are smart enough to use alternative type conditioning STILL lose out on this, nevertheless it opens up a completely new world when you are able to display intense power even if you are fatigued. Not just before fatigue or not just having endurance but lacking that basic savage strength to start with.

So here it is:

Pick one exercise that lets you train each level of strength. That is one max exercise, one rep exercise and one conditioning exercise. With the goal of this exercise, attempt to pick something that does not overlap too closely with each exercise. As an example you might pick max barbell squats or dumbbell presses, 10 to 20 rep barbell squats and 25 or more rep sledgehammer swings.

Each of these exercises is entire body and effects the other, although not in a way that you can’t perform them in a fast sequence. Also remember that we pick the numbers for instance, not to be written in stone. 1-5 heavy reps, 10-20 moderate reps and 20 to 50 getting reay reps. I really like to perform 4 to 5 circuits of the exercise plan. Moving thru the entire thing as speedily as achievable. This takes a while to become used to, but it is worth it. I love to keep an eye fixed on the total time for the exercise plan and try and decrease that, but you could set a particular rest interval between the rounds and progress that way. You can work with the same weight thru out or add for the heavy sets or reduce as obligatory for the rep sets, but the endurance set should stay the same as much as possible. You can also change the exercises, we just listed one as an for instance.

Bud Jeffries is a world renown strongman. At his site Strongerman you’ll find tons more on strongman workouts and more like mixed martial arts conditioning.

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