The Five Best Conditions for Instant Speed Learning

Now, if you are thinking that “instant speed learning” is something that’s too redundant, you are partially right.

But this term is derived from the proven fact that there are some ways for a speed learning student to make the whole process of learning less complicated and quicker. Thus, instant speed learning.

Condition 1: Personality

Psychology has determined that we all fall into definite patterns of behavior. We all develop our own different and original personalities. And this behavior and personality can dictate the best methods for us to learn.

I believe that you see where I am going now. You need to first work out what your own learning character is. Now, there are actually eight general categories of a person’s learning style: linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, bodily, naturalistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

Once you determine which of these styles are your own, you would experience instant speed learning.

Condition 2: Environment

Another way to instant speed learning is to create a relaxing and chilled environment that’s conducive to learning.

Now, why is it vital to have a clean and neat space?

The human brain works best when it is in a quiet state. The more relaxed it is and the less stress you have, the simpler for it to understand and remember new data and information.

Condition 3: Diet

A key to instant speed learning is to have a sharper memory. There are specific brain foods that can help you improve your memory. These types of food have calorific value that will help someone be healthier and smarter.

A few of these include nuts, wholegrain food and obviously veggies like broccoli, spinach and cabbage. There are also some fruits that may help increase memory: berries, red apples, apricots, black grapes and plenty more.

Condition 4: Eye Movements

Now, this is one instant speed learning system that not so many people are conscious of.

Neuro-physiological studies suggest that there are some specific eye moments that correlate to the usage of particular bits of the brain. This, in turn, processes the many forms to which we process information.

There are some eye accessing cues that show the differences of information processing for people. Some people learn faster than others just due to the way they read something.

Condition 5: Note-taking

If you would like an instant speed learning system that is simple that has got to be note taking.

When someone takes down notes, they are practicing their capability to select vital info.

But an instant speed learning secret strategy is to make the notes after reading or watching something. There is nothing wrong with making notes when you’re reading, but if you jot down the info after reading, you are also practicing your memory.

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