The First 5 Drug Testing Myths That Everybody Should Understand

It is a common fact that drugs are one of the most devastating factors that cripples the society. Many live are being lost because of drugs and many businesses are folding up because of drugs. Hence, it is not surprising that many employers make it a point of duty to test their employees for signs of drug abuse. Colleges are also known to test their students for drug abuse. Many myths have developed out of the need of people to pass drugs tests and the first 5 drug testing myths are outlined below.

The first myth is that you can successfully cheat the urine test by drinking plenty of water to eliminate traces of drugs from your system. The fact however is that water cannot flush drugs out of your body system, what it will only do is to dilute your urine until it becomes colorless and the attempt to foul the test will be uncovered which may in turn discredit you.

The second myth is related to the tests that examines the hair for traces of drugs. The assertion is that you can cheat hair tests by washing your hair with detox shampoos. The fact however is that washing your hair with any brand shampoo will not help you. The shampoo will not penetrate the hair follicles to eliminate traces of drugs. In fact, the hair is capable of storing information about chemical actions in the body, your attempt to detox will become evident in the test, and it will further discredit you.

The third myth is that blonde-haired people are capable of passing hair tests more than people who are black haired because of the melatonin level in black hair. Thus, you should color your hair before taking a test. The fact is that while it may be true that melatonin increases the chances of flunking a drug test, changing the color of your hair does not change the melatonin levels in your hair.

The fourth myth is that taking over the counter drugs like aspirin, pain relievers and substances like vinegar would flush drugs out of your body. The fact remains that such drugs are actually ineffective in eliminating the traces of drugs in the body. In fact, you should avoid such extreme actions because it could lead to health complications.

The fifth myth is more of an absurdity than a myth. It maintains swapping urine samples or adding chemicals like eye drop to the urine will change the PH level. The fact is that you will not be able to take urine samples or other chemicals into the testing room because you will have to declare and drop your belongings outside. However, if you succeed in adding chemicals or swapping the sample, the tests will still reveal your fraud.

Nevertheless, if you study the development of the myths, you will notice that they had once been used as a way of outsmarting tests. However, the technology behind the tests is now at its peak such that it will easily pinpoint such manipulations. In essence, they are no longer relevant in the world of today.

The top 5 drug testing myths highlighted in this articles are nothing but myths that could serve as relics of the past. If you try them, you will be discovered and you will still test positive. If you want to test negative, the best course of action that will provide you with results is to avoid taking drugs totally.

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