The Costs Of Smoking Cigarettes Frequently

Smokers are often reluctant to give up the nasty habit; some people can even smoke all their lives without having a second thought. They don’t believe that it is harmful to their health, and although we cannot understand why they might think this way, here are a few side effects you can list off in an attempt to win the debate.

One reason smoking is a bad idea is that it makes you stink. There is no way you can completely get rid of that distinctive and disgusting stink, and it stays with your clothing forever as well.

Since smoke passes through the mouth, the first ever part of the body that suffers is this. If you examine the gums of a smoker, you would notice that they are darker than non-smokers.

This means that gums are not healthy and are more prone to gingivitis and other mouth problems. Teeth discolor as well, which is not pleasant to look at.

As soon as it enters your system, cigarette smoke works like a soldier penetrating the deepest and strongest fortresses of the body. It attacks your respiratory system and could cause anywhere from asthma to lung cancer.

It also affects your heart and smokers are popular for having heart attacks. There are certainly many serious problems that you can face from smoking, as you can see.

Less obvious effects include lifestyle diseases. Cancer is a terrible fight to have, but is often worsened by nicotine and other chemicals that are found, where else, but in that small little cigarette stick you “need.”

The prevention is simple, however, you just need to refrain from smoking. Otherwise, the news is all bad, and that is a fact.

The author has been writing about cigarettes for the previous five years. Furthermore, this author takes pleasure in publishing articles on other subjects, such as helpful commentary on a touch screen mp3 player as well as a touch screen cell phone.

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