The Complications of Organic Duanwood Reishi Extract

In this article, we're going to talk about the side-effects of taking duanwood reishi extract. Are there any side effects? And if so , what are they? What will we need to understand, what do we need to be concerned about, what will we need to be conscious of?

First and foremost, we want to know that for reishi to be in the high class of tonic herbs that it is in, it has to be free of side-effects. It has to meet that criteria. So long story down in size, reishi mushroom does not have any complications when used cleverly and when used reasonably. Meaning, if you simply had a 4 ounce bag and you simply drank the whole thing, you might have some side-effects. But they don't go to be too terrible–the worst that is going to happen is that you may have some increased elimination (you could go to the loo a little bit more but feel very good later) and/or you may have experience a wave of unnecessary energy. I am able to tell you this from my own experiences, because I have done that–I can tell you those are the complications and that is what occurs. The best thing? It's the worst that occurs. The worst that has ever happened to me when taking huge, massive doses of reishi herbs is a little indigestion and a little increased elimination that passed within a short period of time. That's the acute of it, and that is the downright worst that would occur. But for you, luckily , you'd never do those extremes because they're pointless. Actually, the complications of reishi is minor, nothing to stress about, and should never happen if you're reasonable and responsible in your reishi doses. Again, to reiterate, for reishi to be catalogued as a tonic herb, it has got to be free from complications.

Let's assume you took a half teaspoon 2 times a day, a teaspoon twice a day, or maybe even a full tablespoon twice each day. You really wouldn't notice any complications. Now if you are brand new to duanwood reishi extract and start off at a full big spoon two times per day, you may experience some complications like enhanced energy throughout the day, better psychological lucidity and thought processes, and possibly increased visits to the lavatory due to better elimination and digestion. But it's critical to notice that the “side effects” that you would be experiencing would really be positive, beneficial, and nice, to be quite fair.

Keep in mind, this is coming from me, someone who has been taking this herb on a regular basis for the last 8 years of my life. I can tell you, from my personal personal experience from taking these herbs and working with numerous other people who also enjoy these herbs, that this herb is safe, free from complications, and is astonishingly effective–yet light and subtle–on the body. It is something that you can take in more than a long period of time as it is safe. Much like a food, it provides nourishment to the different systems in your body, provides unique nutrients–micro and macro–that are not truly found in traditional foods that we eat in our everyday diet. It provides nutrient elements like polysaccharaides, betauchans, terpinoids, and ling chi proteins. All these things are found in awfully unique substances, and some are essentially unique only to reishi, so we would essentially be quite insufficient in them. Taking reishi nourishes our body on this deep, deep level, and then this allows reishi to optimally function within our body and permit it to avoid manufacturing any negative complications.

As long as you take reishi in reasonable doses and don't go to an extremes like taking one or two ounces at once, you are never going to experience any side effects or pain. Everything is going to work out nicely, as you will experience the full benefits of reishi and its extraordinary, nutritive properties. The worst that can happen if you ingest more than intended is that your digestion will improve because of the cleaning and detoxing effects of this strong herb and the nutrients and anti-oxidating compounds that it contains.

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