The Benefits Of Tea And Herbal Health Drinks

Nowadays the herbal health drinks market has exploded. There are vitamins and minerals added to many beverages, including water. Herbs have been known to have certain health properties and have been used to help relieve some ailments. Herbs can be anything from rose-hips to flowers such as dandelion.

Tea originally came from the Far East, brought to the rest of the world by the Chinese. At it’s simplest it is freshly boiled water infused with herbal leaves. From this humble beginning has grown a massive industry that uses anything from peppermint to chamomile to make teas.

Tea-making has not really changed much over the years. It’s a simple process of adding water to a teabag or batch of herbs and letting it infuse the water, usually for about five minutes. These days there are infusion pots, in which loose leaves and bark can be placed. The pot filters the bark and leaves as you pour, meaning you get a clear drink free of any residue every time.

The use of fresh herbs has taken off because many people grow them in their gardens. If using them to make tea then try to keep to a simple formula of two teaspoons were cup. Dried herbs are a little more pungent so you only need one teaspoon of them. If you’re making the drink for kids then you might want to put a bit of honey to sweeten the drink.

A herbal tonic is something that is usually made with red wine and fresh herbs. It takes a while to produce the beverage but it is worth it. You’ll need a jar and some fresh herbs. Wash and dry the herbs and place them in the jar. Add the red wine, filling until the herbs are covered, and then stir using a wooden spoon. Seal the jar and wait for 4 weeks before drinking a little each day.

For those with neither the time nor the inclination to make their own drink then perhaps buying a ready-made one is better. It is important to look for beverages that have no additives, such as coloring or flavoring. Also, try and buy drinks that are produced using only natural ingredients. By doing your research you’ll pick a much healthier drink.

Teas have a wide range of uses for a variety of different ailments. For instance, if you have an upset stomach or feel bloated, then try and drink peppermint tea. Colds and coughs are said to be relived by ginger, honey and lemon tea. Simmer a bit of ginger in water for ten or so minutes and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to the water and then a little bit of honey. Remove the ginger, then serve and enjoy.

One of the benefits of herbal health drinks is the lack of additives and things like caffeine. They can be a very versatile drink too, with many different medicinal uses. It can help calm the mind too. Some people like nothing better than to sit back with a cup of chamomile and spearmint tea and relax.

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